IQBig – Big Data Platform

IQBig is developed to enable the storage, verification,processing and value-added analysis from a wide variety of data sources at high speeds and high volume data at low cost

Thanks to the use of Hadoop technologies in our product, it is possible to use many different components according to different functions or changing conditions.

It also makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to handle huge amounts of data thanks to its ability to work in distributed architecture

IQBig Provides the use of new modules due to new requirement and expansion in horizontal or vertical architecture.

IQoT – IoT Platform

IQoT has been developed to allow different types of data sources to be read and transmitted at high frequencies.

IQoT provides remote management, routing, change of settings and firmware upgrade, as well as IoT Edge technology support, data acquisition, verification, machine learning and deep learning algorithms at the end node before data is sent to the center.

This allows an emergency, alarm or notification to be made before the data is transmitted to the center.

Thus, IQoT enables the system to take the necessary action even in exceptional circumstances such as a temporary interruption between the location of the device and the central system.

IQoT supports many current techniques and technologies, such as the transmission of the data set that cannot be sent after the interruption, the encryption of the communication between the device and the center.

IQPower Analytical Insight Solution

IQPower aims to remotely monitor all power plants in a single and joint platform, and to create an infrastructure for analyzing the data obtained.

In the project, IQBig-Big Data Analysis Platform and IQoT-IoT platform products are used for the data collection.

Approximately 500 millions data are processed on the field and transformed into 50 million sampling and recorded.

With this data, machine learning algorithms are provided meaningful insights to power plant operators and engineers 

IQPower Modules